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About me

I have been a resident of Pompano Beach for 44 years, except for 4 years spent in St Cloud, Florida. I am a graduate of Broward Community College, and have one year at F.I.U. I was a science major, focusing on the Earth Sciences. Over the years, I have accumulated a library that would be the envy of any Botany professor.

Prior to 1993, I spent most of my time camping and exploring Florida, giving very little thought to the vegetation surrounding me while in the natural areas. But in St. Cloud, I was living in pine flatwoods mixed with Cypress and broad leafed trees with lots of wildflowers. Everything seemed to be in harmony, the result of thousands of years of undisturbed evolution.

I moved back to Pompano in 1992, looked around, and said to myself "what the hell is all this stuff in the ground?" Growing up in South Florida and having a science background gave me a start, but it took living in a place surrounded by native vegetation to make me see the light.

For "Why Native Vegetation", click here.

Affiliations and Awards

National Wildlife Steward
Member, Naturescape Broward